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Mess is a word that I seem to use on a daily basis …

“Your room is a MESS!”

” Come clean up your MESS before you leave for school!”

“Judging from this MESS, you must love living in a pig sty!’

Sound familiar? Well, if you have teenagers, it probably does. I thought as they grew nearer to adulthood, they would leave behind their sloppy, disorganized ways.

But, no luck – I believe it has gotten worse.

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With 6 of us in our home, it takes each and every one of our efforts to keep our living space clean and organized. Our children have chores — lots of them. But, even with all of their years of “careful training” on our part, they still have to be followed up behind. Our twin boys’ primary chore each night is the kitchen – dinner clean up, putting away leftovers, wiping down counters, etc.

This is an AFTER photo of when they “finished” the kitchen tonight.

bounty duratowel 5

 As you can see, there are still dishes that have not been put away, a pot on the stove, tomatoes left out of the fridge, and the counter and stove have not been “properly” wiped down. But, that’s okay.. mom will finish it up, right?  Oh, and let’s not forget about the lovely smoothie stains near the blender and all over the wall! For the most part though, my kids do a great job of cleaning, but there are times (like tonight) where they tend to slack a bit due to being tired or having extra schoolwork to finish up.

bounty duratowel 4

This gave me the perfect opportunity to try out Bounty’s new DuraTowel. These paper towels are super durable and have been shown to leave surfaces 3 times cleaner than that old, germy dishcloth we all have hanging in our sink. I found them to be really strong and sturdy too. Only, these you can throw out once they get too dingy and dirty, unlike their cloth counterparts.

bounty duratowel 3

I go through paper towels many times like they’re going out of style with all the spills that occur in my home. My oldest granddaughter is a spill magnet! She rarely fails to knock over her drinking glass when visiting. But, with the DuraTowel, I can wipe, rinse, and squeeze it dry, and then repeat the process several times over without any tearing whatsoever. They hold together really well even with all the rubbing and scrubbing that I do.

bounty duratowel 2

 See? Sparkling clean once again! I also like that they’re soft enough to use on delicate skin. I have them in the bathroom as well, and my granddaughters like to use one or ten of them after washing their hands and face. “They’re so SOFT, mom-mom!” :) Definitely keepers – both my granddaughters AND Bounty DuraTowel.

bounty duratowel 1

After a single day’s use a dishcloth can harbor millions of germs. Bounty DuraTowel leaves surfaces three times cleaner than a used dishcloth,* so ditch the dishcloth and switch to new DuraTowel.

*1 tsp. spaghetti sauce, 10 mls. coffee, 1/8 tsp. creamer on laminate countertop

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Bounty via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Bounty.


  1. I love bounty paper towels :)

  2. I too love Bounty paper towels! They do make cleaning up a bit quicker, especially for our many toddler spills lately! Independent eater=twice the mess and twice the fun!

  3. I didn’t know that Bounty made such a product–thanks for sharing–I love the Bounty products!

  4. We love Bounty! We use it all the time to clean up messes!

  5. We’re a Bounty family too! I’ve used several paper towel brands but this is the only one that gives me a real bang for my buck!

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