Has It Really Been a Month (or more)?

Life sometimes has a way of … well, getting in the way! You may or may not have noticed that I haven't been around much lately. I just haven't had the energy to be honest. Remember when I told you I began a new position back in September? Well, I love the job, but it is EXHAUSTING!! Both mentally and physically. And on top of that.. we lost my beloved father-in-law right before Thanksgiving, and then my aunt just a couple weeks ago. At 89 and 90, they both had an awesome life, and contributed so much to everyone they came in contact with, but it still hurts nonetheless.

Then there are the teenagers — need I say more?! :) There are some days were you wonder who's children they really are. lol Regardless, I am still very blessed, and am pushing on! Now.. on to this blogging thing! I'm hoping that a new blog design will motivate me once again. Since I work outside the home, I'm trying to incorporate some of that in my blog design. I'm just about done with it, and will be installing tonight, so if things look a little wonky, that's why.

For those of you that stop by my blog for the great giveaways, I will still be having them.. but they will be fewer and far between. I really want to concentrate on topics that are close to my heart – family, cooking, beauty, healthy living, and weight loss to name a few. I'm also looking to dabble in home organization and decorating, and may even try my hand at a few DIY projects. Hope you'll stick around and see what I have planned for you.

Have you ever gotten into a blogging rut? What have you done to get yourself motivated again?


  1. How timely. I actually just shut my blog down today. For 5 years it was such a labor of love, but in the past 6 months, it just became a “responsibility”. When the fun was completely gone, I decided I had just run my course with it. Am I glad I blogged for so long? Absolutely! Am I glad I made the decision to stop? Yeah, I really think I am. I am sad to let “Fun Being Frugal” go, but it was just time.

    I hope things get a bit easier for you!

  2. Hi Tree, I here you. I have so many projects in my head, but I am tired and can’t do it all. I’mnot in a rut with blogging, YET. but I realize that I have to look at and juggle my priorities.I am wondering if that is what you are doing. We have have to rearrange our priorities at times becasue life have twists and turns. Take care.
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  3. Sorry about your loss….glad you’re loving your job….can’t wait to see the DIY projects you have planned

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