Vets on Call: A Day’s Work for Dr. Randall

Pets quickly work their way into our hearts.. they become much more than pets, they become family. Therefore, we always want the best for them just as we would any other family member.

I’m happy to share this video on the story of Dr. Linda Randall, owner of the Cloverleaf Animal Hospital of Ohio, and how she has helped several dogs and cats with their ailments:


Disclaimer: This is a Fashionista Events opportunity.


  1. Very cool. Pets are family members! Vets are such caring people.

  2. I have known some of the most awesome vet for our very much loved members of the family.

    • Yes, you definitely want someone that is not only knowledgeable, but also caring to work with your beloved pets. Someone they will trust too.

  3. I wish that all vets were kind. I have come across some bad ones in my time.

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