Keep Your Beach Bum With These Beach Workouts

With a beach vacation only weeks away, you typically work out to look your best. When you actually go on vacation, it’s not time to just lay around, you still want to keep that beach bum in shape. Because you don’t want to hit a low-lit gym with the beach glowing in the sunlight, there are several beach workouts you can try out.

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Beach Sprints

There is nothing like sand to give you the workout of a lifetime. Find an area away from lounging beach-goers, preferably with some sand dunes. Practice sprints from the water’s edge, up the sand dune and back to the water. You’ll start with the firm, wet sand holding your feet up, but the deep dune forces your legs to work overtime for any speed. You’ll find your cardiovascular system improving, along with muscle growth within the calves and thighs.


Select a calm, ocean day for a great swimming workout. Part of the workout is getting past the waves at the shore’s edge; freestyle between waves, while diving headfirst into oncoming waves. Once you are past the breaking waves, swim parallel to the beach, similar to swimming laps in a pool. Use the lifeguard shacks as endpoints for your laps. You also stay within this viewing area if an emergency occurs.


If you have a group of four or more people consider beach volleyball for a workout. You need to cover a larger area when the ball is in play. Stay barefoot and keep low to hit all the incoming balls. Your quadriceps will appreciate the workout. Jump up to spike the ball for a great upper body and core workout. You may not notice that you’re exercising with this fun game.

Sand Interval Training

Interval training requires resistance moves with high intensity cardiovascular exercises. Perform 10 beach burpees in a row, then sprint 100 feet to a marked stopping point. Try 10 more burpees or push-ups. Sprint again. You can continue this workout for 10 or 30 minutes, depending on your fitness level. By mixing high and low intensity movements, you burn more fat during and after the workout.

Don’t just lay around on your vacation in Punta Cana Resorts and Club or other amazing hot locations – enjoy some exciting workouts that only a beach can provide. You’ll feel just as good as when you started your vacation, coming home.

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